Skip build and launch – just pretotype

Fast-track your market validation

"Pretotyping" and "Sprints" are concepts coined by Google employees Alberto Savoia and Jake Knapp. The aim is to validate new ideas, products, services or features quickly, objectively and reliably.

Essentially you can fast-forward; see your finished product and actual customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

"To prototype your solution, you'll need a temporary change of philosophy: from perfect to just enough, from long-term quality to temporary simulation."

Jake Knapp, Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days, Simon & Schuster, 2016.

Pretotyping is the catchy word for pretending to prototype and the philosophy here is that, why bother building a prototype, if you can pretend to build one to gain the same learnings.

These are incredible tools to answer critical business questions and test assumptions you have around your product. If you have ideas that you haven't validated yet, we help you do that in the most effecient way.



Utilize workshops to answer critical business questions through design thinking, co-creation and pretotyping.

Lower risk of costly errors by enabling pretotyping to acquire invaluable user insights without building anything. Modify pretotypes as feedback is acquired saving time and reducing costs. Morph from pretotyping to prototyping once your ideas has been validated.

What can you expect?

  • Guidance from experienced experts
    Through workshops and a structured innovation process, we think like a start-up with the speed of a start-up.
  • Educated employees with stronger drive
    Participants will adopt the entrepreneurial mindset and the motivation boost will infect the entire organisation.
  • Faster feedback cycle than ever before
    Learn fast, fail faster and get to the point where ideas are not ideas, but can be successful breakthroughs.

How does it work?

  • We lead and guide you through the process
    We facilitate workshops in pretotyping and design sprint and make sure you end with kick-ass solutions.
  • Define, discover, design and decide
    We move quickly and take hard decisions faster than you have ever done – just like successful start-ups do.
  • It all ends with a test and invaluable feedback
    We test our best idea and receive real-world customer feedback before even building our product or service.

Who is this relevant for?

  • Innovation strugglers
    Organisations that want new perspectives and realize their innovation potential as a strategic decision.
  • Long feedback cycle development teams
    Organisations that require experienced experts to speed up the innovation process and reduce costs.
  • Product/market fit failures
    Organisations that want to learn faster by failing faster to reduce time spend on product/market failures.

What are the outcomes?

  • Find the star amongst your great ideas
    Avoid spending time, money and resources on the wrong ideas – find your star faster and with less uncertainty.
  • Larger focus on innovation culture
    Strengthening the innovation culture with reduced fear of failure – anchored in the organisation\'s updated DNA.
  • Better customer feedback and better products
    Faster feedback cycles equals more knowledge which equals products that customers actually want.
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