Tech innovators with impact and drive

We are a group of tech innovators that are on a mission to inspire and encourage executives, leaders and managers to take responsibility for their own learnings and thereby take responsibility for the future of their companies.

We believe that innovation goes hand in hand with design and a customer-centric focus and we specialize in the process going from idea to market.

We are future-oriented and embrace the future of work with our futuristic setup. We utilize a fluid corps of talented experts handpicked for the specific case.

Esenne is pronounced like the letters "S N" and is a contraction of essential innovation. We believe that in order for any business to thrive, innovation truly is essential.

As entrepreneurs we have experimented with various innovation and development techniques. Our services reflect our experiences and we rely on incredible tools developed and used by some of the most successful companies.

These are just some of the successful companies utilizing 'pretotyping' and 'design sprints' as part of their toolset.

Companies using Design Sprint

We believe that these mindsets and tools can benefit any organisation – no matter what they are doing. Get in contact and let's figure out how we can help you boost your innovation capabilities.