Innovate like a start-up and go to market like a grown-up

The core of innovation is implementation – but you also need to implement the right ideas.

We help companies go from ideas or lack thereof to powerful innovation. We accelerate their digital transformation and strengthen their innovation capabilities. We fast track the innovation process and learn fast using an entrepreneurial mindset.

Because 80% of innovations fail, we have to get a market validation fast. We acquire objectively and reliably real-world feedback before you spend a dime developing your ideas into products, services or features. We help you to find and develop your great ideas instead of pouring time, money and resources into destined failures.

We provide you with consultancy up until the point where you product is successfully launched on the market. Our services are separated into three phases.



Learn the entrepreneurial toolbox and practice how your organization can innovate like a start-up.

Shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a couple of days. Find the right idea that customers will actually use and pay for, before you build it. Avoid pouring time, money and resource into the wrong ideas and focus on true value creation.

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Utilize workshops to answer critical business questions through design thinking, co-creation and pretotyping.

Lower risk of costly errors by enabling pretotyping to acquire invaluable user insights without building anything. Modify pretotypes as feedback is acquired saving time and reducing costs. Morph from pretotyping to prototyping once your ideas has been validated.

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Get to market fast and lower development costs with minimum viable products and better user feedback.

Avoid long and costly development cycles by building a minimum viable product. The lean approach test assumptions to decide whether to pivot or continue the product development. It's the shortest path from prototype to a real product.

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